English translation: What you say/your words may come back to haunt you/ What goes approximately comes about

Estás mirando: El pez muere por su propia boca

Spanish term or phrase:El pez vía su boca muere.
English translation:What girlfriend say/your words might come trasero to haunt you/ What goes approximately comes approximately
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05:29 might 4, 2011
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Spanish ax or phrase: los pez por su boca muere.
A common saying among Hispanics that method that they are captured in their own sayings...Any equivalent in English?
Laura Hercha
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4 +2a word talked is past recalling / silence is gold / placed one"s foot in one"s mouth / ns least saidMargarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)


4 +1Loose lips sink shipsMaria Mastruzzo


4Give "em sufficient rope y they"ll cave themselvesAltogringo

4Be careful with your words; you could have come eat themLydia de Jorge

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