Rosca ese Reyes is ns sweet yeasted bread that has actually been ns part that Dia del Reyes in Mexico for an ext than 400 years. Los ring-shaped cake, i beg your pardon is thought about to it is in a escribe of pan dulce, arrived from Spain during ns conquest, as part of the celebration of the arrival of ns Three Wise guys in Bethlehem on los Epiphany (aka numero 3 Kings Day) come visit los baby Jesus.

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The Epiphany is celebrated on January seis each year.

History of ns Rosca ese Reyes

The origin of this sweet bread is claimed to be related to los Saturnalia during Roman times, un feast when human being celebrated ns beginning of much longer days delaware the Winter Solstice. Castle made un round cake with figs, dates y honey, and they to be passed roughly between ns rich y poor for all to enjoy.

When the Moors conquered los Iberian Peninsula in the 8th century, they presented confections with almonds, candied fruits y refined sugar. The Moors likewise brought exotic spices such as anise y cinnamon to ns region, i m sorry are key ingredients in plenty of rosca recipes.

By los 16th century, los Spaniards had actually introduced Rosca de Reyes to the new World, where it became uno traditional component of the vacaciones season and with it, colorful como of its spiritual symbolism.

Rosca de Reyes have the right to come in miscellaneous round or cuadrangular shapes, sizes y some also come with filling inside, such as whipped cream or pastry cream, guava, or cajeta (goat’s milk caramel).

Following ns tradition in France (where los rosca is well-known as a gateau ese rois) y Spain, in colonial Mexico, ns dry large bean was placed inside the rosca después reyesas a symbol of ns baby Jesus. When someone found the bean, he came to be the king of ns party and would become godfather to ns child in ns household. Con time, tradition changed and the bean became un porcelain doll, y today, los doll is frequently made the heat-resistant plastic. Some bakers insert los plastic doll into ns dough prior to it’s cooked, while others insert after it’s to be cooked.

Sugar and fruit adornments

The sugared or crystallized fruits space made to resemble the jewels of the Wise Men’s crowns. Some bakers soak los dried fruta in rum or brandy for uno few days for a beautifully perfumed scent.Traditional fruits provided in Mexico include higos (figs), acitrón (crystallized biznaga catcus) y ate (fruit paste) in mostly red y green colors. In some components of Mexico, you’ll uncover candied pineapple, maraschino cherries, y other candied fruits.

However, the biznaga cactus has actually been an endangered plant types since 2003 and is very difficult to discover nowadays. As such, most bakers use ate (pronounced “ah-tay”), which have the right to be made with several kinds of fruit, including 15 (known together ate ese membrillo) y guava (ate del guayaba).

The sugar-paste coating likewise included in between the dried fruits may look familiar; it’s los same topping you find on other species of pan dulce such together conchas.

The one pictured below is one individual-sized rosca representar the mexico bakery El vejiga in Mexico City.

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Families conference on January 6, los Epiphany, to cut the rosca. This legacy is also often it was observed in offices con coworkers in Mexico. Each person takes ns turn cutting un piece, check to see if castle got ns baby inside.

The doll inside ns cake represents ns baby Jesus

The concealed figurines allude to the Bible story when Jesus to be hidden and protected from King Herod. While some roscas may only have actually one figurine, ns larger rosca del reyes is most likely to have actually multiple figurines baked inside.

I have actually gotten countless figurines in my item of rosca over the years y I’ve kept almost every one of them! the figurines have several names, such together el bebés Jesús (the baby Jesus), el muñequito (the tiny doll) y el chango (the monkey).

If you destinadas to make your very own rosca, you can buy these baby Jesus baking figurines on Amazon.


When girlfriend get ns doll in your item of Rosca ese Reyes…

According to tradition, he who finds the doll guarantees to throw un party con tamales y atole to all partygoers ~ above February 2nd, día de la Candelaria (Candlemas). Candelmas is uno Christian Holy trabaja commemorating ns presentation that Jesus at the Temple, as defined in Luke 2:22–40.


Other surprises

In some parts of Mexico, in enhancement to the doll, various other prizes room added: if girlfriend find un ring, it way you will gain married. Finding un thimble in your piece of rosca method you’re about to become single.


What to serve with your rosca de reyes

Families often cut their rosca de reyes with each other while sipping traditional warm drinks such together coffee,chocolate caliente, champurrado, atole, ponche navideño, or ns tequila hot toddyfor los adults. You can even choose to have a little rompope!

chocolate caliente

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Where to get un rosca del reyes

In ns U.S., most Mexican grocery stores y panaderías will carry rosca después reyes, and some bakeries likewise take orders in advance between Christmas and Epiphany.

If girlfriend don’t have accessibility to ns Mexican grocery store or panadería or you favor to make your own, follow my cooking recipes below.


The rosca pictured above is from Bombon Cakes in Chicago’s little Village neighborhood in dos mil diez (it was pre-ordered). The rosca pictured at los top that this blog post was purchased from a Vallarta Supermarket in ese Angeles in 2019.

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Author: Maura pared HernandezPrep Time: cuatro hoursCook Time: 12-15 minutesTotal Time: cuatro hours, doce minutesYield: uno Rosca del Reyes; feeds 6-8 human being 1xMethod: BakingCuisine: Mexican
Rosca ese Reyes is un ring-shaped yeasted sweet bread offered to celebrate ns Epiphany, though its cultural significance transcends its religious beginnings nowadays. Do your own rosca is less complicated than you think! With ns basic pan de molde dulce bread y toppings such together maraschino cherries, dried figs, candied agrios peel, fruta paste (such together ate ese guayaba or membrillo) nuts (pecans or almonds room best), y a crunchy calle topping laid el fin in stripes, you can make a delicious and traditional rosca at home.

This Rosca de Reyes should serve 6-8 people. Serve con champurrado, atole, or Mexican hot chocolate.

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Measure y add 200 grams bread flour, cinco grams immediate yeast and 36 grams granulated sugar to her stand mixer bowl. Mix on low speed with your dough hook attachments to gently combine ns dry ingredients. Execute not include the sal yet!Add 100 grams totality milk and 1 large egg and continue mix on pequeño speed until mostly combined. The dough will certainly be sticky y lumpy in ~ this stage.Stop los mixer and add 40 grams unsalted butter, then increase velocidad to medium (4 on uno KitchenAid). After the mixer has been going because that about cinco minutes y the dough begins to gather around ns hook a bit, add 3 grams kosher salt, sprinkled around los bowl. Continue with the dough hook on medium velocidad for another diez minutes. You’ll know it’s prepared when most of the dough gathers around the hook; sometimes it additionally makes a slapping sound against the junto a of ns bowl. Spray cooking spray or easy grease ns inside of ns large glass bowl with vegetable or canola oil. Turn ns dough out representar the stand mixer bowl and scrape out any dough sticking to the sides. Covering the bol with cling wrap y a kitchen towel y place in un warm clues in los kitchen to rise for dos hours, till doubled in size.After los dough has actually doubled in size, remove the cling wrap representar the bowl y gently push uno few fingers debajo into los middle of ns dough to release part of the gas. Use ns few tablespoons the all-purpose flour come flour your occupational surface y turn ns dough fuera de onto ns flour. Put ns piece the parchment paper down on ns baking sheet and then transfer los dough log in to the baking sheet. Arrange ns dough in the shape of one oval. If it helps, you deserve to use ns small dish placed in the middle of your dough ring to help make sure your oval is even. Tuck one fin of los dough log underneath ns other and try come smooth los seam un bit with a wet finger (just dip your finger into some correr water desde the faucet; that must be sufficient). 
If you’re baking a baby Jesus figurine right into your bread, this is the señalar where you’ll desire to insert castle into ns sides or bottom of ns bread before it rises. If you’re no using uno baby, skip this step.Take ns remaining 1/2 tablespoon the unsalted butter in ~ room temperature and rub it in between your manos to grease your posesión up. Gently usar your mano to pat the dough ring to assist keep the moist during the second rise. Obtain as lot of the butter off your mano as possible, climate cover los dough loosely with cling wrap and a kitchen towel y allow to climb again in a warm place for about 90 minutes. While los dough is walk through ns second rise, make the crunchy azúcar topping. Add 50 grams all-purpose flour, 50 grams powdered sugar, cincuenta grams unsalted butter in ~ room temperature and 1 teaspoon that vanilla bean dough or pure vanilla extract to uno bowl. Use your mano to incorporate ns ingredients until you have un completely smooth paste. Shape it into un rectangle and cover con cling wrap and refrigerate until you’re all set to papel it out.Once ns dough has actually gone through los second rise, remove los kitchen towel and cling wrap and begin preparing her toppings through quartering the dried figs, halving the cherries and chopping los nuts. Preheat ns oven to trescientos cincuenta degrees Fahrenheit.Remove the sugar paste representar the refrigerator y place it between dos pieces the parchment paper. It’s vital to work conveniently at this stage since if ns paste gets also warm, it will certainly stick to ns parchment. Gently rollo it fuera into a rectangle, around 1/8 the an inch thick. Remove los top layer of parchment paper y use a bench coffee or an extremely sharp knife to do uniform cuts to get 4 equal strips. All 4 sides of each rectangle have to be straight-edge cuts. Reduced away any type of excess. Drape each rectangle of sugar paste gastos generales the 4 corners of the bread.Place all your topping ingredients; los dough should be a bit sticky y it shouldn’t be tough to get ns toppings to remain on. Ns chopped nuts sometimes need to be gently propelled into the dough a bit to gain them to stick.
Bake at trescientos cincuenta degrees Fahrenheit because that 12-15 minutes, until the exposed dough starts to brown, but the azúcar crust topping is tho white.